Why We Volunteer

Volunteers allow Hyer to provide programming that would otherwise not be possible by freeing up dollars that would have been used to bridge Hyer's annual budget gap created by state school finance laws.  Did you know that cafeteria volunteers save the district about $400,000 per year?!

Volunteers also get the opportunity to build friendships, learn the inner workings of the school, see their children at school, and set an example of community service for their children!

Volunteer Opportunities

Hyer needs you!  There are many volunteer opportunities from which to choose! 


Volunteer Software Program

To help schedule and send reminders to volunteers during the year, the Hyer PTA utilizes a Volunteer Software Program ("VSP") for many events.  When volunteer opportunities become available, information will be provided via the Husky Herald.  Whether you are new to Hyer or not, when applicable, your User ID and temporary password will be provided.  There is nothing you currently need to do as it relates to VSP.