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Why We Volunteer

Volunteers allow Hyer to continue to provide excellent programming that would not be possible because of state school finance laws that leave Hyer with annual budget gap.  Did you know that cafeteria volunteers save the district $400,000 per year?!

Our volunteers are an integral part of our mission, dedicating their time and energy to support our Hyer community.  We are grateful for their 'gift of time,' and whose help make a meaningful difference for our school and students.  It's also a great opportunity to connect and build friendships, learn more about the inner workings of our school and set an example of community service.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hyer needs you!  There are many opportunities to volunteer both on-campus and off-campus.


Hyer's pride and spirit is reflected through its events and programs that ground us as a community.  Hyer relies on enthusiastic volunteers to plan and execute a full calendar of events for our students and their families. 

Select one of the events listed below to learn more about the event and contact information for the Event's Chair.  

Read on Hyer Logo_edited.jpg
Carnival Logo.jpeg
Field Day Logo.jpg
Bike Rodeo Logo.jpeg
4th grade class logo.jpg


Hyer utilizes to rally our volunteers!  It's available online or can be accessed via their mobile app.  

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