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Family Underwriting

Chair: Jen Melson

Hyer is ready for many adventures this year as we embark on “EXPEDITION HYER – Let the Adventure Begin!” 
Hyer could not be the outstanding school it is without generous families like yours to help bridge Hyer’s $650,000 funding gap created by Texas school finance “recapture” laws each year.  Private dollars are necessary to help cover costs like teacher salaries, classroom support, and a variety of student programs.  Click HERE to understand more about why Hyer needs private funding and how your dollars are spent.  
Thank you for considering how your family may support Hyer this year through Family Underwriting, knowing that we now have fewer families to cover many of the same costs.  We have a full calendar of adventures and activities planned for students and families. Family Underwriting offers a variety of unique, one-time only benefits that will celebrate our students and families.  We are so excited to have our doors open to our students and families and welcome you back to Hyer. We greatly appreciate our Hyer families' support, we hope you and your families will explore with us this year! 

Hyer's 2022-2023 Family Underwriting Campaign will run from July 20 - August 26.

Please be watching for Hyer's 2022-2023 Family Underwriting Campaign brochure in the mail, as well as BSSU for more information regarding how your family can participate in our Family Underwriting campaign and support Hyer!  You can also view the brochure and participate online by clicking the links below.  

The deadline for family recognition is Friday, August 26.

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