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Hyer Elementary is happily settled in our new building and enjoying being back at our original home on Caruth Boulevard. We are looking forward to a year of adventures as we celebrate 73 years of serving over three generations of Park Cities families as one of HPISD’s outstanding elementary schools. The Hyer Parent Teacher Association is excited to welcome everyone to EXPEDITION HYER for the 2022-2023 school year, Let the Adventure Begin!

The 2022-2023 Hyer PTA Officers and Chairpersons are hard at work raising necessary funds to bridge Hyer's annual $650,00 budget gap (resulting from the Texas school finance "recapture" laws) and planning many wonderful events and educational programs for Hyer students and parents.  None of these fundraising efforts, events or programs, however, could happen without the support of Hyer parents who give generously with both their time and dollars.  HYER NEEDS YOU - please support the PTA, and help make a difference in your student's education by volunteering and giving financially!  


Kristi Owens

PTA President 2022-2023

PTA Mission

PTA Mission

The mission of the Hyer PTA is to support and promote the educational, social and emotional development of Hyer students by (1) operating school programs and (2) providing much needed financial support and volunteers for the benefit of Hyer.

PTA Officers & Chairs

PTA Officers & Chairs
Past PTA Presidents

Past PTA Presidents

1948-1949     Mrs.    Carey E. Parker
1949-1950     Mrs.    Carlton Lawler

1950-1951     Mrs.    Helen Emerson
1951-1952     Mrs.    Herbert M. Davey

1952-1953     Mrs.    L.P. Whorton
1953-1954     Mrs.    Harry A. Shuford

1954-1955     Mrs.    Dan E. Boone
1955-1956     Mrs.    Jack Corgan

1956-1957     Mrs.    Robert Swango
1957-1958     Mrs.    M.E. VanHemert

1958-1959     Mrs.    T.J. Warren
1959-1960     Mrs.    Wayman E. Register

1960-1961     Mrs.    Wylie Stufflebeme
1961-1962     Mrs.    Herman J. Ruppel

1962-1963     Mrs.    Jack T. Titus
1963-1964     Mrs.    Robert S. Bush

1964-1965     Mrs.    Alvin D. Sears
1965-1966     Mrs.    Robert F. Ritchie

1966-1967     Mrs.    Carswell Cobb
1967-1968     Mrs.    Homer Patterson

1968-1969     Mrs.    Darrell Lafitte
1969-1970     Mrs.    J.C. Turner

1970-1971     Mrs.    S. Louis Moore
1971-1972     Mrs.    Val Joe Walker

1972-1972     Mrs.    Kenneth C. Stephenson

1972-1974     Mrs.    Sydney D. Carter

1974-1975     Mrs.    William L. Ballard, Jr.
1975-1976     Mrs.    Allan Hall

1976-1977     Mrs.    Kenneth Hays
1977-1978     Mrs.    A.F. Mahaffey

1978-1979     Mrs.    Arch Beasley
1979-1980     Mrs.    Rhodes Baker
1980-1981     Mrs.    James Gibbs

1981-1982     Mrs.    Ronald Cresswell
1982-1983     Mrs.    Terry Wilson

1983-1984     Mrs.    William H. Dobbs

1984-1985     Mrs.    John H. Washburn
1985-1986     Mrs.    Robert S. Addison

1986-1987     Mrs.    John Anderson
1987-1988     Mrs.    John E. Whiteside

1988-1989     Mrs.    Paul E. Lee
1989-1990     Mrs.    Lynn Phillips

1990-1991     Mrs.    Jan Doggett
1991-1992     Mrs.    Martha Conger

1992-1993     Mrs.    Linda Goyne
1993-1994     Mrs.    Kathryn Cook

1994-1995     Mrs.    Leslie Melson
1995-1996     Mrs.    Debbie Dickerson

1996-1997     Mrs.    Cindy Kerr

1997-1998     Mrs.    Ann Delatour

1998-1999     Mrs.    Toddy Glosser
1999-2000     Mrs.    Stephanie Dowdall

2000-2001     Mrs.    Amy Albrecht
2001-2002     Mrs.    Connie O'Neill

2002-2003     Mrs.    Kristi Gittins
2003-2004     Mrs.    Jamie Moore

2004-2005     Mrs.    Bess Brooks
2005-2006     Mrs.    Tanya Foster

2006-2007     Mrs.    Kathleen Wallace
2007-2008     Mrs.    Jenice Dunayer

2008-2009     Mrs.    Katie Pedigo
2009-2010     Mrs.    Shannon Womble

2010-2011     Mrs.    Holly Philbin
2011-2012     Mrs.    Betsy Welp

2012-2013     Mrs.    Kelly Love
2013-2014     Mrs.    Heather Molthan

2014-2015     Mrs.    Katherine Lewis
2015-2016     Mrs.    Holly Krug

2016-2017     Mrs.    Kelli Wagner
2017-2018     Mrs.    Dansby Erwin

2018-2019     Mrs.    Neely Thrash
2019-2020     Mrs.    Stacey Stoller

2020-2021     Mrs.    Maryjane Bonfield

2021-2022     Mrs.    Kristin Evans

2022-2023     Mrs.    Kristi Owens

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