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Communications Policy


Husky Herald Communications
Chair: Sarah Hodges

The weekly eNews, the Husky Herald, is the primary communication tool for the PTA.  The Husky Herald is sent via email from the school office every Monday.  It contains information on both school and extracurricular activities.  Please be sure to read the Husky Herald to ensure you are up-to-date on everything going on at our school.  Please make sure the school office has your correct email address.

The deadline for submissions to the Husky Herald is the Monday prior to the publication.  There will not be any exceptions for submissions received after the deadline.  All submissions should be sent to the Husky Herald Chair at

For a submission to be included in the Husky Herald, the following guidelines must be met:

  • Submissions should be as concise as possible.  Please add a weblink for more information if necessary.

  • Submissions should only relate to Hyer Elementary activities.  Exceptions may be made by the PTA and Hyer administration on a case-by-case basis, such as when mandated by the District.

  • The same submission will not be run for more than 2 weeks in a row.  In order for a submission about one event to run for more than two weeks, the content must be updated so that it is substantially different every two weeks (i.e., a submission announcing invitations to the Hyer Auction and a submission announcing the distribution of auction raffle tickets).

  • The Husky Herald Chair may edit submissions as needed.  Please be sure to include contact information in case there are questions about a submission.

Room Parent Communications

Chair: Laura Nell Morrow

Room Parents will only communicate information they receive from the Room Parent Chair.  Room Parent emails will be sent once or twice a month.  Room Parent communications are not intended to replace the weekly eNews, but rather serve as a reminder for upcoming events as well as specific class and grade-level communication.  Please submit any items for the Room Parent emails to the Secretary & Communications Director for approval.

Chair: Brittany Miller


Hyer loves to show off the wonderful things our Huskies and the Hyer Community are up to!  The Publicity Chair submits articles to HPISD for inclusion in the district's weekly newsletter.  Contact the Publicity Chair with pictures and details of events, awards, and community interest stories highlighting our Huskies to share with the full HPISD community!

Other Email Communications

Director: Margaret Kelley

Hyer Elementary requests that no mass emails be sent out without approval from the PTA Secretary & Communications Director, the PTA President and/or Hyer Principal.  Emails should not be used as a substitute for information in the Husky Herald.  Grade-specific emails can be sent from the office only.  To begin the approval process, please submit your request to the Secretary & Communications Director.


In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, handouts will be kept to a minimum.  Any handout should be only distributed via teachers if it cannot be uploaded to the website and printed at home as needed (i.e., A.L.L. brochures).  To be able to distribute a handout at Hyer, the following guidelines must be met:

  • Handouts must originate from Hyer OR be a memo from the school district (not school district clubs);

  • Handouts must be approved by the Hyer Office (Principal) and/or the PTA President;

  • Handouts must be counted out by class and be distributed to the teacher mailboxes in the office;

  • A copy of the handout must be provided to the Hyer front office to have available in the office; and

  • No handout may be placed on any school windows.

Communications Policy

Promotional Policy


Promotional Signage

Only yard signs pertaining to Hyer Elementary school events, Hyer PTA events, Parent Education Committee events and Highland Park High School, McCulloch Intermediate School and Highland Park Middle School performances may be placed in the Hyer lawn.  Yard signs must be removed promptly after the event has taken place.  Yard signs that do not follow the above guidelines will be removed and discarded.  

Only banners pertaining to Hyer Elementary school events and any sponsors for such events may be hung at the school.

Promotional Posters

Small posters (typically 8 1/2 by 11 inches) may be hung on the Hyer gym bulletin board with the express permission of the Hyer administration.  The posters may be related to District-wide events only and must be appropriate content for elementary-aged children as determined by Her administration.  Posters may be left on the bulletin board one month prior to the event.  Posters will be discarded once the event occurs.

Other Forms of Promotion

Any other forms of promotion must be approved in advance by Hyer Elementary administration.  Hyer Elementary prohibits the sale of any items on its campus not benefitting Hyer Elementary.

Promotional Policy

Husky Herald Archives

Chair: Sarah Hodges

The weekly eNews, the Husky Herald, is the primary communication tool for the PTA.  The eNews is sent via email from the school office every Monday and contains information on both school and extracurricular activities.  If you don't already receive the Husky Herald and wish to be added, please contact Hyer Administrative Assistant, Zoe Reyes. (

Husky Herald Header.png
Husky Herald Archives


Chair: Tracy Venable

PTA Members have access to the online directory provided by DirectorySpot.  DirectorySpot can be accessed online via the web or on a mobile device.  All HPISD campus directories are only available online.  And though no campus will print copies for distribution, PTA Members do have the option to print a copy of the directory from the DirectorySpot website.


To access DirectorySpot via the web, login to   If you are a new PTA Member, enter your email address as your Username and click on Forgot Password. An email will be sent to you with a password reset link.


To access via the mobile app,

  • Returning PTA Members (whose email address has not changed) will need to logout, then login again to refresh the data

  • For new PTA Members, please access the DirectorySpot Instructions


Submitting or Updating Directory Information

To submit or update directory information for the Hyer PTA School Directory:

To update your directory information on record with Hyer Elementary School:


Chair: Cathy Geiszler

The Hyer PTA website serves as the online repository for the PTA's communications.  

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