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Why We Fundraise

Close to 70% of every property tax dollar in HPISD is "recaptured" by the State of Texas to be distributed to property-poor school districts.  As a result, HPISD faces a $7 million budget gap each year.  Specifically, Hyer faces a shortfall of $650,000.  Hyer has fewer state funds per student, and our teachers makes less compared to many neighboring school districts.  Each year, the PTA's fundraising events and programs make up this deficit.  It along with our community's commitment to educate plays a crucial role in ensuring that Hyer can maintain its excellence in education and can continue to attract the best and brightest teachers!

Where the Money Goes

In 2023-2024, the Hyer PTA gifted over $1.6 million to Hyer and HPISD to pay for essential programs and operational expenses.


Opportunities to Support Hyer

The PTA greatly appreciates the generosity of our corporate sponsors and families as we work to raise $650,000 annually through various fundraising efforts, events and community programs.  Please consider how you can SUPPORT HYER!

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