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Fourth Grade Activities

Chair: Brittany Hunt


Fourth grade is an exciting time at Hyer filled with many memorable events to celebrate the student's final year at Hyer.


Interested in volunteering to help with Fourth Grade activities?  Please contact the PTA Fourth Grade Activities Chair to help!

Save these Dates!

Information and invitations are forthcoming.

Friday November 11, 7 to 10

4th grade parent party at the home of Lauren & Mark Schultis


Wednesday, November 16, 8:30 am

4th grade parent meeting, Hyer Cafetorium


Thursday, February 9

Skit dress rehearsal and public show


Friday, February 10

Skit, Parent lunch to follow


Wednesday, May 24

Caravan and swim party


Friday, May 26

4th grader performance, picnic and clap-out


We’re so excited to celebrate our students during their final year at Hyer! Please email if you have any questions throughout the year!

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