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Fourth Grade Activities

Chair: Deanna Carrell



Fourth grade is an exciting time at Hyer filled with many memorable events to celebrate the student's final year at Hyer.


Interested in volunteering to help with Fourth Grade activities?  Please contact the PTA Fourth Grade Activities Chair to help!

REMINDER: 4th grade photos are due on January 31st!  The kids love seeing themselves on the walls at Hyer and in the class video.  Please submit all photos digitally by clicking HERE.  Photo submission guidelines can be found in the 4th Grade Parent Meeting presentation.  Please reach out to Photo Chair, Pepper Bridges or Deanna Carrell with questions regarding photos.

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Fourth Grade Skit Details & Dates

The 4th Grade Parents' Skit is one of the most memorable events for our students each year! Please take a few minutes to read more about Skit and learn how you can be involved.


The Basics of Skit

4th Grade Parents' Skit is a variety-type show with entertaining hosts and short dances/skits all performed by 4th grade moms & dads. THE SKIT IS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS. No one takes themselves too seriously, and we enjoy putting smiles on the faces of our sweet Hyer Huskies!  Mom volunteers pair up in groups of two and devote lots of time to being Skit Leads (see more information below). Complete skit descriptions will be sent to every 4th grade parent in February, along with a link to an electronic ballot where parents will indicate their preferences for the skits they prefer to be a participant. For Mom skits, co-chairs will draw names using a random selection process to fill skit groups based on parent preferences. Dad skit groups will mainly be determined according to practice availability since their skits will require fewer practices. During the months of March and April, there will be skit practices, a dress rehearsal, and the public preview show.


On "Skit Day" parents will perform two shows for Hyer students to enjoy. After the final performance (for our 4th graders), parents will walk students to class and give them a trinket from their performance (hat, tie, shirt, wig, etc). 4th Graders LOVE to watch their parents on stage, and it means so much to them that their parents take part in this special tradition. After many pictures and lots of hugs, the kids break for lunch and 4th grade parents celebrate with a fun lunch immediately following Skit!




Tuesday, January 11 

Deadline for skit leads to indicate interest to skit chairs.

Friday, January 28

Final list of skit leads complete, song choices sent to skit leads with instructions to provide skit details.

Friday, February 11

Deadline skit descriptions, attire and practice timing to be submitted by skit leads. 

Tuesday, February 22

Skit descriptions & ballots emailed to all 4th grade parents.

Tuesday, March 1

Skit ballots due.

Thursday, March 10

Skit groups announced.

Monday, March 21 - Wednesday, April 20

Skit practices.

Thursday, April 21 (Additional details to come)

Skit Dress Rehearsal & Public Preview Show for spouses, neighbors, past and future "skitters."

Friday, April 22 from 7:30 to 11 am

Skit Day!!!

Friday, April 22 from 11:30 am to 3 pm

Skit lunch

Skit Lead Information

Being a Skit Lead is lots of fun, but it's also quite a commitment. Those interested will need to find one partner and submit a Skit Lead Interest form by midnight on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.  Please take time to think carefully about if you truly can commit to being a Skit Lead. Skit Leads will be notified on January 28 and be given a song list to determine their favorites. Leads will work with their partner to determine costumes, preferred practice times, etc., and submit their official Skit Description by Friday, February 11. Skit Leads may need to make arrangements for other practice locations if their skit requires more practice. Each skit will sign up for a once-a-week time slot at Hyer. Skit Leads will help to keep their group organized during practices, dress rehearsal, preview, and on Skit Day. Flexibility and a positive attitude are essential for Skit Leads!  


4th Grade Parent Skit is a long-standing Hyer tradition and even the most hesitant parents from the past have been so glad they participated. 


Thank you,

Ashley Allen and Lane Clark

2021-2022 Skit Chairs