The Class Kitty Fee is mandatory and is a one-time collection of $60 per student to provide funds for the following gifts given throughout the school year:

• Birthday gift card for all full-time teachers/staff ($100) and all part-time staff ($50)
• Winter Holiday gift card for full-time teachers/staff, crossing guards ($100) & all part-time staff ($50)
• Teacher Appreciation Week gift card for all full-time teachers/staff ($100) & all part-time staff ($50)
• End-of-year gifts for all full-time teachers/staff ($100) and crossing guards ($150)

All fees are best estimates to cover expenses for the items described above. If any excess exists after the above expenses have been paid, the remainder will be redirected to the PTA General Fund for other PTA gifts and expenses. All students enrolled at Hyer (PreK- 4th grades) pay the Class Kitty fee.

Class Kitty Fee - Required

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    To avoid paying the processing fee, payment can be made by check. For each student attending Hyer, please calculate their school fees and write a check that is clearly labelled with each student's name.

    • Mail completed checks to Hyer PTA Treasurer - Kristi Owens at 3928 Bryn Mawr, Dallas, TX 75225, or
    • Drop them off at the Hyer Office to Kim Shelton